Wireless Dynamics Sensor System


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All in one, all wireless. Ideal for use with the Altay Multiuse Systems, this new sensor offers true portability. Using Bluetooth technology it is useful for both experiments inside the physics lab as well as on amusement park rides! The new Wireless Dynamics Sensor System combines a 3-axis accelerometer, force sensor and altimeter into one unit that communicates wirelessly with your computer via Bluetooth. You can also use it as a stand-alone data logger. It is more than just a wireless sensor; it is a complete data-collection system completely free of friction due to cables.

Equipment needed
• LoggerPro 3.4.5 software
• Windows XP SP2 (or newer) or Macintosh OSX 10.3 (or newer)
• Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled computer

A complete system
The Wireless Dynamics Sensor System includes a high capacity lithiumion rechargeable battery and charger, AAA alkaline battery holder (allows you to use AAA batteries instead of the rechargeable battery), bumpers for collisions, hooks for mounting the unit in different positions, mounting hardware for Vernier and other dynamics carts and user manual.


• Internal data storage capacity: 50,000 points
• Maximum sampling rate: 1,000 samples/sec
• Force Sensor: Range ±50 N – Resolution 0.006 N (<10 N), 0.03 N (>10 N)
• Accelerometer: Range (for each axis) ±50 m/s2 (±5 g) Resolution 0.04 m/s2
• Altimeter: Altitude Change Range ±200 m – Resolution 1 m
• Force Sensor, custom load cell provides accurate, repeatable results
• Altimeter, record changes in altitude for roller-coaster physics
• 3-Axis Accelerometer, three orthogonally mounted sensors let you measure acceleration in all directions
• Wireless Communication, Bluetooth® wireless technology transmits data to a supported device
• Start/Stop Button, one-button operation allows you to start and stop data collection when away from the computer
• Multiple Mounting Options, mount the device in almost any orientation using standard hardware
• On-Board Memory, retains data even after the unit is turned off
• Additional Hook, allows the device to be mounted in-line for tension and pendulum experiments

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