Mobile Lab Basic Model



This is a stand alone system designed for 11-15 years old students and particularly useful for all those educational environments lacking equipped  science classrooms. 
The cart is completely mobile and has 5 storage drawers, protecting your equipment in shock-free, moulded sponge pods. 
The drawers pull all of the way out providing safe yet easily accessible storage of your valuable equipment.
All equipment are organized by scientific discipline for quick and easy set-up and equipment control.
Do all of your science experiments on the acid resistant work surface.
The Altay Mobile Science Laboratory is designed for easy access to water, gas and electricity.
It is ideal for all teaching environments and its modular design guarantees flexibility and adaptability for all of your science experiments.


  • Acid resistant aluminium frame
  • HPL (High Pressure Laminate) worktop
  • Electric Power Supply
  • Gas and Water supply
  • Swivel wheels, two with brakes
  • Polypropylene sink ( 15 x 30 x 20 cm approx.)


 Main Control Panel:

  1.  One power switch
  2. Green and yellow LED, respectively for main and optional power supply
  3. One water pump with LED
  4. Switching power supply 0 – 12 Vdc, 8 A max

 Electrical Panel:

  1. One 110/125 Vac socket; 50/60 Hz.
  2. One 220/240 Vac socket; 50/60 Hz.
  3. One general fuse 6.3A with broken fuse alarm



  1. External power supply with rechargeable batteries
  2. Photovoltaic panel and 3m rod for roof top installation + assembling kit 
  3. Photovoltaic panel and 3m tripod for ground installation + assembling kit 
  4. Wind turbine and 6m for roof top installation + assembling kit 
  5. Mixed system of both photovoltaic and wind generators and 6m rod for roof top installation + assembling kit 



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