Mechanics System 2


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An advanced low friction dynamics system to study elastic and inelastic collisions between carts. The Mechanics System 2 allows us to verify many kinematics and dynamics principles by using a low friction system. The basic theory involves topics such as Newton's Laws of Motion, Conservation of Energy and Momentum, Friction and many others.
Equipment suggested:
Electronic Balance (code 2219.30)
Motion Detector (code 2310.10)
or Go!Motion (code 2320.10)
LabPro (code 2300.10)
or LabQuest (code 2300.30)
or Go!Link (code 2320.30) 

Size: 50.0×45.0x15.0 cm
Weight: approx. 8.0 kg
Packing: external suitcase in aluminium, internal foam to prevent accidental shock

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