Gas Pressure Sensor


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A complete kit for your pressure-temperature experiments. An ideal sensor for experiments in physics, biology and chemistry. The Gas Pressure Sensor is accurate and has a good range to work within all subject areas. Ideal for Boyle's Law experiments and also suitable for vapour-pressure or pressure-temperature experiments. The sensor also includes airtight tubing clamps for transpiration experiments, as well as fittings for respiration experiments in small containers. Specifications
• Range: 0 ÷ 210 kPa, (0÷2.1 atm or 0÷1,600 mm Hg)
• 12-bit Resolution (LabPro, Go!Link): 0.05 kPa (0.0005 atm or 0.40 mm Hg)
• 10-bit Resolution (CBL or CBL 2): 0.2 kPa (0.002 atm or 1.6 mm Hg)

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