Electrical safety simulator


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The Simulator enables students to understand how dealing with electrical systems in a safe way. The system gives the opportunity to feed different electrical devices, commonly present in our houses and buildings. A couple of safety socket located on the left side of the electrical Simulator give the chance to separate the circuit breaker from the whole device by connecting it to an external circuit to study its specific behavior

Equipment suggested

Digital Multimeter (code: 2275.10)
Sliding Contacr Rheostat 2.9 KOhm
(code: 4694.11)
Decade Resistance Box 10 Ohm – 100 Ohm (code:4693.20)
Decade Resistance Box 100 Ohm – 1 kOhm (code:4693.30)


Approx. dimensions:
Height 12 cm, width 36 cm, length 35 cm

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